We deliver profound, results-based events custom-tailored to your organization's needs. Experiential, interactive classes actively engage participants in generating new ideas and solutions, while practicing real-time, responsive leadership and collaboration methods.

21st Century Skills


Working in Creative Flow

Paricipatory workshop to develop skills for entering a creative state of flow. We'll review what flow is, and what tools and rituals we already use to access it. Next we'll try out some games and activities designed to spontaneously invoke the creative flow state. Then we'll get into action with a creative work session involving your choice of activities: writing, drawing, performing, individual work or co-creation.


We're taught that some people are born artists. But creativity isn't a gift reserved for the special few. It's an innate human ability that can be developed with discipline and practice. Even those with natural talent must continually practice to maintain their creative edge. You don't have to wait for the muse to inspire you. Best for: Aspiring and experienced creatives.

Transformative Storytelling

Storytelling is in our DNA. It is how we make sense of our world. Stories shape our memories, choices and relationships. Stories breathe life into our shared view of reality. Exercise your innate ability to tell stories that move others. If you want to tell more engaging and compelling stories in the workplace and beyond, this 2-hour participatory class is for you.

We'll explore storytelling as a spontaneous act of self-expression and sense-making. Then we'll practice telling stories collaboratively and individually, using interactive and improvisational techniques.


You'll get the opportunity to hone and improve a real-world story you bring to the workshop, coached by a seasoned interactive consultant and a professional improviser. This is a limited size class, and you will not be asked to "perform."

Navigating Change: Real-world problem-solving

A full-day participatory session using the tools of improvisation to develop creative skills, group connections, and problem-solving strategies for professional and personal growth. Best for: Professionals seeking more creative problem-solving strategies.

We'll start with group warm-ups to wake up our creative and collaborative muscles, then work on scenarios chosen from participant experiences, using highly interactive exercises and group brainstorming to generate new solutions, approaches and perspectives. We'll practice techniques for reframing problems and making new choices. You'll leave refreshed, energized and ready to tackle the next challenge with gusto!


Embodying Leadership


A two-hour work session to explore and develop leadership qualities. We'll employ status techniques, body language and other factors that drive group dynamics. We'll examine verbal and nonverbal communication styles, engagement and status techniques, and how body language, microexpressions and subtle positioning statements affect relationship. How to raise or lower your status in any social situation. Best for: Professionals evolving into leadership roles, or growing within their roles.

We'll run group scenarios, taking turns leading, and fine-tune your ability to read and run a room with clarity, authenticity, and authority. You'll gain a deeper understanding your impact on a room. How to give clear direction in a way that allows others to build on your ideas. How to use the power of leadership to set a tone of inclusion, enthusiasm and expansion.