The modern socio-economic climate is marked by rapid, unpredictable changes. In the 21st century business climate, the old rules no longer apply. Today's challenges demand leaders who are agile, visionary, and acting in the moment.


In times of constant upheaval, how do we succeed? By becoming nimble thinkers in diverse, collaborative, self-organizing teams. By acting quiclkly on our insights, in the moment and in the flow. By guiding others to quickly change directions and build rapid momentum.


The 21st century will be defined by those who can lead with creativity, empathy and wisdom.

Improvocateurs is a Portland-based facilitation and consulting group. We use real-world creative design and improvisational skills to solve real challenges with greater ease, agility, authenticity and depth. Through interactive theater games, flow-state and storytelling techniques, we spark collaborative creativity and effective interactions. Using critical inquiry, ethnography and participatory design methods, we can further distill these experiences into tangible outcomes.


We help people and organizations live and work in optimal flow, by engaging their innate abilities and generating authentic awareness.


Whether you need to upgrade your teamwork or communication, develop inspired leadership, spark innovative thinking, collaborate on a problem or opportunity, or align around a shared vision, we help make it happen.